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Our team of experienced service engineers specialise in the maintenance, service and repair of water pumps.

We service and repair a variety of brands of pumps and pumping equipment. 

In order to maximize the life of your pump, it is crucial to perform the proper periodic maintenance at designated intervals.

The key to a good pump maintenance program is preventive maintenance. This includes adjusting and tuning up equipment and detecting and correcting minor problems before they become major problems. Routine pump maintenance not only maximizes a pump’s lifespan, it saves money with increased pump availability, improved productivity, and decreased repair costs.

Limited, preventive maintenance checks should be conducted after every eight hours of operation. Full service maintenance is recommended after every 250 hours of operation. Be sure to record all maintenance activities for future reference. And always refer to the pump manufacturer and the engine manufacturer maintenance manuals before performing maintenance or repairs to the pump.

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Safety when working with or around electricity is paramount.
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We can help with everything from re-wiring your home, your dairy shed or stables, any new electrical work, right through to irrigation and waste water treatment.
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