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Those used for any of the following activities, must have an approved evacuation scheme:

  • the gathering of 100 or more people
  • providing employment facilities for 10 or more people
  • providing accommodation for more than five people (other than in three or fewer household units)
  • a place where hazardous substances are present in quantities exceeding the prescribed minimum amounts (as set out in NZ Fire Service Schedule 2 of the regulations)
  • providing early childhood facilities
  • providing nursing, medical or geriatric care
  • providing specialised care for people with disabilities
  • providing accommodation for people under lawful detention.

ElectriNET can help you with your evacuation scheme, undertake the required trial fire evacuations using the correct reporting requirements, train your staff and ensure your building complies with signage requirements.


Electrinet cover many if not all aspects of fire safety for home or business.
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Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF)

Building owners are responsible for ensuring the life safety features and essential systems are all in good working order.
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