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Every year there are a number of "close calls" where machinery or trees have come into contact with power lines or underground cables. While it can be deadly, it can also potentially cost those who cause the damage thousands of dollars in reparation.

Our cable location service can save lives and money.

A cable location must be carried out before any digging is done to ensure you know exactly where the cables are located underground. 

When must you hold a Close Approach Consent?

  • If you plan to work within four metres of lines;
  • If you plan to trim or fell trees near power lines; or
  • If you plan to dig within five metres of a power pole, cables or power box.


We can help with everything from re-wiring your home, your dairy shed or stables, any new electrical work, right through to irrigation and waste water treatment.
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Why solar? Because it gives you green choices that benefit the environment and in the long-term can save you money.
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