Fire Safety

Building Warrant of Fitness (bwof)

Building owners are responsible for ensuring the life safety features and essential systems are all in good working order.

The maintenance procedures of these systems are listed on the Compliance Schedule (CS).

Once the CS has been approved and signed off by Gisborne District Council (the territorial authority), it becomes a document for testing of the features under the Building Act.

The CS will list the features and requirements for testing. Inspection and annual testing can be carried out by Electrinet over a 12 month period, and once complete the Form 12A can be signed off and issued.

Form 12A confirms the features comply with the Building Act of Manufacturer’s Recommendations, and allow the BWOF to be issued.

The BWOF must include 

  • the location of the building
  • the lawful established use
  • the number of occupants per level
  • the original date the building was constructed
  • the highest fire risk category for the building use
  • any certificates relating to inspections, maintenance and reporting.

Auditing is completed by Electrinet’s IQP.


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