Why solar? Because it gives you green choices that benefit the environment and in the long-term can save you money.

There are two types of solar – on grid and off grid. On grid means you stay connected to your energy supplier and, if you make more power than you need, you could sell back your surplus power to your electricity provider. Check with them first to make sure they have this option available and just what the rate is.

Off grid means self-sufficiency and calls for a bigger investment. Your solar runs in conjunction with battery back up or a generator. Talk to our experts to see what best suits your needs. We can install either option.

Our staff at Electrinet are fully trained – we are always abreast with the latest in regulations – and include registered electricians to ensure all requirements are fulfilled and each project meets compliance requirements. We also ensure all our installations are inspected by ECIS and comply with Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010. Our inspections ensure your system is approved by Eastland Network to use their network for Solar.

Electrinet partners with the Mpower Group for all your solar needs.

If you think solar is an option you would like to know more about, call our team. We can visit, discuss your requirements, make recommendations and design a system that suits your needs. 


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